Purse Matchmaker: discover the very best Bag for Your character

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Purse Matchmaker: discover the very best Bag for Your Personality

By Michele Meyer forever & beauty Weekly

You never outgrow them. They never pinch your feet. No question most women like to “bag” a new handbag each season. No matter what your style or needs, there’s a handbag that’s just right for you. much better yet, for each expensive “It” bag, there’s an inexpensive knockoff near you at fast-fashion fixtures like H&M, Zara, permanently 21 as well as Uniqlo. inspect your “purse”-onality below to discover your perfect in shape as well as if you still can’t decide, then believe to buy hermes birkin bags!

Personality: fun as well as Easygoing

Your bag: Pouch

This relaxed version of a strapless silhouette has ended up being 2014’s most coveted bag. The relaxed frame fits this year’s upscale sweatshirts, track pants as well as sneakers. Gotta have it? Lanvin’s gold as well as blue “paper bags” are spring’s must-haves, while Dries Van Noten’s kaleidoscope-patched soft envelope pouches will make trend followers drool come fall.

Personality: versatile as well as prepared for Anything

Your bag: Tote

Call this the SUV of carry-alls. Totes are practical, roomy as well as perfect for moms as well as travelers — particularly if they have outer pockets or inner compartments, which save you from digging around in browse of your keys. This year’s totes include fun furry styles from Marc Jacobs as well as Fendi — however if you opt for that look, be sure to streamline the rest of your attire or you may be mistaken for a Muppet.

Personality: Unpretentious as well as Earthy

Your bag: Hobo 

Perfect for hippies as well as cowgirls, these bohemian bags function slouchy posture, scooped center, long shoulder strap as well as zipper closures. add fringe or tassels, as well as you look prepared to head into the sunset. The hobo’s cousin is the container bag, named for its shape. Our fave source is eBay, where you may be able to snag a vintage coach hobo for a song.

Personality: practical as well as Organized

Your bag: Saddlebag

Perfect for work as well as play, saddlebags generally have outside pockets that make it simple to discover your smartphone as well as keys, plus top as well as side compartments with buckled flaps provide additional organization. Barbour makes stylishly earthy versions of this extremely practical purse.

Personality: elegant as well as Sophisticated

Your bag: Clutch

They’re not just for evening gowns anymore: These small, simple bags have ended up being a daytime “do” in the last couple of years. select one with a loop that you can hang around your wrist to free your hands — perfect for navigating buffets. requirement to bring more than just your lipstick? go for a larger version with pointed flaps, understood as an envelope. We’re expecting 2014’s lust item to be Salvatore Ferragamo’s difficult case.

Personality: vintage as well as Classy

Your bag: Handlebag

This top-clasp, hard-sided handbag is perfect for pencil skirts, nipped jackets as well as other ladylike fashions that evoke the ‘40s as well as ‘50s. Huge, round-top, hard-sided versions are called doctor’s bags — a nod to their inspiration. Christian Dior’s yellow or red bags for next autumn are gorgeous, however if you go vintage, you may be able to pay for Louis Vuitton as well as Hermès versions. much better yet, ask your mom or grandma if you can raid her closet!

Personality: always On-the-go

Your bag: Messenger

Whether you’re dashing about the city or hitting the club, you’ll want this carry-all bag by your side. smaller versions hold the essentials, while larger versions can handle anything you care to stuff inside. finest of all, we adore the ones we’ve spotted at Kohl’s as well as J.C. Penny!

Michele Meyer is a freelance beauty, fashion as well as celeb writer for MORE, travel + leisure as well as USA WEEKEND. The former appeal as well as lucky reporter has likewise contributed to InStyle as well as genuine Simple. She has previously contributed to Life & beauty Weekly.

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